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One-Stop Solutions

C1 Premium Package (C2 to C17 and C19)

C2 Application for Exam and Transport

C3 Arrangement for Medical Check-up

C4 Arrangement for Banker’s Guarantee (Excluding Security Deposit)

C5 Government School Sponsorship (including application for Student Pass)

C6 Government School Sponsorship extension (including application for Student Pass)

C7 Parents Day Meeting

C8 Application for Student Pass (Excluding Sponsorship)

C9 Booking of Air Ticket

C10 Translation of Documents

C11 Visa Extension/ Passport Renewal

C12 Student Petty Cash Management

C13 Opening of Bank Account

C14 Arrangement for Private Tuition

C15 Application for Telephone Line (Excluding Sponsorship)

C16 Medical Consultation (Outpatient)

C17 Hospital Admission (Daily 7am-10pm, except Sundays and Public Holidays)

C18 Hospital Admission (Daily 10pm-7am, Sundays and Public Holidays Whole Day)

C19 Airport Transfer (7am-10pm, Monday to Sunday, except Public Holidays)

C20 Airport Transfer (10pm-7am, Monday to Sunday, Public Holidays Whole Day)