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Founder’s Message


Zhicheng Student Hostel was founded more than four decades ago in the 1970s. Right from the beginning we have been laying emphasis on the well-being, academic achievement and personal character of our students, not forgetting other aspects of their daily life.

Initially, our students were mainly overseas Chinese from Southeast Asia. In recent years, however, we notice that there is an increasing number of students from China. As a result, enrolment at our hostel has been constantly growing over the years, due mainly to the good study environment we provide. In 2008, we became one of the finalists in the Singapore Tourism Board’s Award for the Best Hostel in Singapore.

Parents choose Singapore as the destination for their children to pursue their studies firstly because of the good education system here and secondly, the availability of good accommodations, one of them being Zhicheng Student Hostel.

Students are often young and impressionable when they first arrive in Singapore. To help them settle down fast, we at Zhicheng is committed to providing them with a perfect living and studying environment in the first instance, and to properly guiding them throughout their academic life in Singapore subsequently.

For parents who wish to send their children to Singapore for further studies, we sincerely advise them to think carefully before choosing a good hostel which will provide their children with a comprehensive range of quality services during their stay in Singapore. Choose Zhicheng Student Hostel and you will never regret, as you can rest assured that your children will receive the quality services you want for them.

Founder and Director of Zhicheng Student Hostel