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Why Choose Zhicheng?

Our students come from Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. English is the common language among them. Students staying at our hostel have the opportunity to interact with one another and in the course of interaction, they can pick up English very fast. At the same time, they also have the opportunity to understand the cultures and traditions of students from other countries. Over time, they will naturally become truly bilingual talent proficient in both English and their mother-tongue, with a world outlook on life.

Our hostel enforces strict supervision over the students to make sure that they are well-disciplined. We are fully committed to helping them to do well in their studies and achieve academic excellence. In 2008, we became one of the finalists in the Singapore Tourism Board’s Award for the “Best Hostel for International Students”.


A One-stop Solution for International Students studying in Singapore

Zhicheng Student Hostel aims to provide international students with a one-stop solution for all their education needs in Singapore, ranging from school placement to accommodation, student pass application, preparatory courses, sponsorship and guardianship. We assure parents that their children are well-taken care of in every aspect of their life while they are under our care. For more than four decades, we have successfully nurtured countless numbers of all-rounded students with excellent academic achievements.


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Why Study in Singapore?

Singapore is fast becoming a popular destination for international students to pursue their studies. In the present-day world economy, where innovation reigns supreme, knowledge is not pursued in isolation. It is the result of hard work carried out by the world community of scholars and intellectuals at the forefront of ideas. Singapore lays emphasis on all these aspects and adopts a highly effective and competitive education system, especially in the fields of information technology and management, offering internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs.

Well-known for its vibrancy and various tourist attractions, Singapore has world-class universities, with the Government investing heavily on education. Every year, large numbers of overseas students flock to Singapore to pursue their studies in colleges and universities here, both public and private. For higher education, Singapore is undoubtedly the best choice. Here, we have both good facilities and the right environment to enable our universities and colleges to be ranked among the best in the world.

The strength of our education system lies in the bilingual policy (English plus Malay/Chinese/Tamil) adopted by our Government as well as the broad-based curricula introduced in our institutions of higher learning. These curricula stress on innovation and entrepreneurship among other things. After acquiring the relevant skills and abilities here, students will be able to survive in any competitive environment in the world and do well in their future life.

The institutions of higher learning in Singapore aim to prepare students not only for today, but also for the unknown tomorrow. Education has always been the key to social development in Singapore, especially after the country became independent in 1965.

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Few reasons for studying in Singapore


Excellent Hub for Education

Over the years, Singapore’s education system has evolved from the British colonial system to the current one of satisfying personal needs and nurturing talent for the future.

Stable Economy

Singapore was ranked 3rd among 145 countries in the world in terms of good business environment in the 2005 World Bank’s Report on doing businesses. The Swiss-based World Economic Forum has also rated Singapore as the most competitive economy in the world in the fields of processing industry, innovation and macro-economy.

A Multi-cultural Nation

Singapore’s rich multi-cultural heritage is reflected in the peaceful co-existence among the Chinese, the Malays, the Indians and the Eurasians. The high standard of living here is also something which the students can share.

Good Infra-structure and Easy Accessibility

Singapore is well-connected to all parts of the world by air, sea and telecommunications. It is probably the most wired nation in Asia, with an internet penetration rate of 42%. Singapore’s highly efficient land transport system, which offers easy accessibility to all parts of the island, is often widely acclaimed.

A Vibrant City

Singapore may appear to be just a tiny dot in the world map. But it is always alive with activities, among them the most popular ones being dining and shopping. Strategically located in the heart of Asia, Singapore can also be a hub for exploration into the Southeast Asian region.