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Our History


Home for International Students

Founded by Mr Tan Check Peng in the 1970s, Singapore Zhicheng Student Hostel has today become a choice hostel for international students pursuing their studies in Singapore. Apart from taking good care of the daily life of the students, Zhicheng also looks into their academic and personal needs, providing them with all the necessary assistance they require. In fact, our hostel has become a “home away from home” for all our international students.

In this home-like environment, our staff constantly seek to improve our students’ academic performance through effective counselling and personal care. In addition, we aim to cultivate a healthy lifestyle among our students by providing them with good food and adequate sports facilities.

Hostel History (from the 1970s)

Zhicheng Student Hostel was founded by Mr Tan Check Peng in the 1970s for the purpose of creating a local home for international students studying in Singapore.

Initially, our source of students was mainly from Southeast Asia, Indonesia in particular. Most of these students were recommended to us by our previous customers who were well-satisfied with the services we had provided. By the 1990s, our student enrolment had grown significantly as more and more parents realized that our hostel provides a perfect environment for their children to study in Singapore.

In 2002, with the increase in demand for quality tuition and preparatory courses from students of government schools, Mr Tan decided to set up Zhicheng Private School to meet their demand by offering a wide range of full-time courses. The close cooperation and coordination between the hostel and the school provided a perfect solution to all the academic problems faced by parents and their children. For this reason, Zhicheng Student Hostel was able to achieve a 100% passing rate for its students to gain admission to government schools before 2011. When the Ministry of Education tightened its policy and reduced the percentage of government school intakes for foreign students in 2012, Zhicheng Private School was still able to maintain a passing rate of 54% while other private schools in Singapore could hardly achieve 10%. In 2013, the passing rate of Zhicheng Private School remained stable at 49%.

To meet the ever increasing demand of parents and students, as well as to provide a better package of services, Mr Tan moved to establish Zhicheng Education Services in 2014 in order to provide a truly one-stop education service centre for foreign students to satisfy their education needs in Singapore. Our main objective is to maintain the highest level of reliability and professionalism in the provision of quality services to international students and their parents.


Our Partner: Zhicheng Private School

Our Partner Zhicheng Private School (ZPS) was first established in 2002. Initially it was located at HDB Hub, Toa Payoh. In 2007, it moved to Yew Tee Community Club. There it remained until 2010 when it moved again to East Coast Road and finally settled down at Katong Shopping Centre in 2013. During the period between 2002 and 2010, ZPS catered to both local and foreign students. Since the year 2010, however, it has been focussing only on foreign students. Currently it does not have any more local students.

The objective of ZPS is to cultivate, in a good environment, bilingual students with good knowledge of Eastern and Western cultures to serve Singapore in future.

ZPS has been awarded a 4-year EduTrust Certification by the Singapore Council of Private Education.

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