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How to Distinguish between a Good and a Bad Hostel


Tens of thousands of students have come from China to study in Singapore. Most of them prefer to stay in private hostels. But the services offered by these hostels differ in qualities, with only a handful of them reaching professional standards. Therefore, we would strongly advise parents to choose a good hostel providing quality services for their children before sending them to Singapore. Here are some tips to help you make a wise decision:

  1. Is the hostel located in a safe and quiet neighbourhood, away from red-light areas and the like?
  2. Is the standard of hygiene at the hostel high enough to keep the students healthy?
  3. What is the arrangement for meals, which are crucial to children who are growing up?
  4. Is there sufficient number of study rooms for the students to receive tuition without disturbance?
  5. Is there any adequate dining area for the students to take their meals?
  6. Are sports and recreational facilities available for the students to live a balanced life?
  7. Who takes care of the students’ daily life and who supervises their studies and personal conduct?
  8. Is there any caregiver to look after a student who falls sick in the middle of the night?
  9. Is there anybody to bring a sick student to see a doctor and subsequently remind him/her to take medicine?
  10. Is the hostel able to deal with a student who breaks the rule, convincingly and without any adverse reaction?
  11. Does the hostel communicate well with parents in respect of their children’s school performance?
  12. Is there any caregiver to wake the children up in the morning to make sure they are not late for school?