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Hostel Rules & Regulations


The following conducts are strictly prohibited in our hostels:

  • Fighting, stealing, smoking, unruly behaviour, alcoholic consumption, gambling, lying, falsifying, borrowing and lending of money, teasing others and all other unbecoming acts;
  • Engaging in dangerous games or activities;
  • Truancy or pretending to be sick to stay away from school;
  • Wilfully causing damages to public or private properties;
  • Talking or moving about unnecessarily during tuition, study or sleeping time;
  • Keeping extra cash at the hostel. All extra cash should be kept in the bank or handed over to the Supervisor for safe-keeping;
  • Wearing of outlandish clothes and expensive jewellery, boys sporting long hair, dyeing hair. etc;
  • Storing of food or drinks in bedrooms;
  • Using kitchen facilities for cooking without permission;
  • Shouting and disturbing neighbourhood peace;
  • Inviting guests to the hostel without permission of the Supervisor (parents excepted);
  • Leaving the hostel without seeking permission from the Supervisor or informing the Supervisor of the destination and the expected time of return;
  • Dishonesty, disrespectful to others (especially the elderly), and bullying, etc.

Hostel students with excellent academic results will be rewarded with incentives during our Annual Dinner as a sign of encouragement. The criteria for rewarding as well as the amount of incentives will be decided by the Management.

These rules and regulations are by no means perfect. They are subject to amendments from time to time. All suggestions for improvement of students’ welfare and safety are welcome.