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Ding Youjia

Student, From China


Li Chong

Student, From China


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Student, From Thailand



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6 years of staying in Zhicheng Student Hostel has undoubtedly been part of my life and is my most unforgettable memory. Peers, roommates, housekeepers and parents are part of the entire equation.

My life has changed after staying at Zhicheng Student Hostel. I was a misbehaving and self-centred person. However, with close yet reasonable supervision and guidance provided by the hostel management, I was shaped into a better person who is more appreciative and considerate. During these 6 years,peers’ influences and supervisors’ concerns were crucial for my gradual growth and change of personality and decision-making skills alongside with plenty of life experiences accompanied by delight and laughter. The housekeepers and hostel management has not spared any efforts to maintain the cleanliness and order of the

hostel as well as the welfare of the student residents.

Words are definitely not enough to express my gratitude. One can experience such privilege only when they stayed at Zhicheng Student Hostel.

In conclusion, my personal experiences along with many others’ are distinctive examples of how Zhicheng is trustworthy and credible as your priority choice of hostel, not only to the students, but also to concerned parents.

Huang Zhenjie 黄祯杰,Shantou, China 中国汕头

Student, Graduated from Nanyany Polytechnic

I stayed at Zhicheng Student Hostel for three and a half years from June 2011 until the end of 2014 as a student. Zhicheng Student Hostel was like another home to me as living, sleeping and growing up there gave me a tremendous experience, be it through exposing myself to friends from different nationalities or just simply adapting myself to Singapore’s lifestyle. Living

in the hostel for years made me understood thoroughly how all the staff in the hostel could guide us in the right direction.

Besides being in a favourable location, where travelling around is convenient, the hostel’s rules and regulations ensure order and obedience from the students. The student’s well-being is the hostel’s priority. Setting up of appropriate curfews and restrictions not only help the students to keep themselves disciplined but also gives parents the assurance on our safety, and gain parents’ trust in providing good care to their children. Moreover, the ‘study-time’ rule is extremely useful to the students as it forces the students to study or at least complete their homework every day. I myself followed that rule and was able to achieve success.

The staff at the hostel were reliable and kind. They treat us as if we were their own children, especially our guardian and the supervisors. They were also totally reasonable whenever we unavoidably cannot adhere to the rules. For example, being late for dinner and tuition due to the school’s extra curriculum. Living there gave me a sense of belonging which made me feel I was living with a huge family. Every student there was also friendly and we lived like brothers. As we are boys, of course there would be fights or quarrels among us at times, but the hostel staff would handle it in the most suitable way and made sure that it won’t happen again.

However, the occasional problem on cleanliness or the deterioration of the amenities did crop up. But whenever such problems arose and were communicated to the staff, they would immediately take action and rectify the problems as soon as possible. Also, when there were rebellious or mischievous students, our guardian would give them the necessary and appropriate punishments. Doing so made us better people as we can learn from our mistakes.

I’m immensely satisfied with all the services the hostel provided me throughout my stay. I was able to have a nice place to study and had great memories. I’m grateful and thankful for everything the staff did for me. I love Zhicheng Student Hostel!

Kunanon Wanitwatanatumrong (Jin), Thailand

Student, Currently studying in a university in Thailand

I am lndra from Indonesia. I am currently 21 years old, taking my degree in Psychology from Kaplan Singapore.

Due to Singapore’s good education system, my parents sent me to Singapore to study at a young age, this is when I started living in the hostel. I came to Singapore when I was primary 1, which is around the age of 7 and I am still staying in the hostel, it has been 14 years.

At the age of 7, every kid will be scared and lonely if they are apart from their parents. But I was not the only one, there were other kids, some even younger than me, who were living in the hostel. I made a lot of friends from different parts of the world, such as China, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Living in the hostel gave me an experience which I cannot get from my own home. lt taught me how to be more independent and socialise better with other people.

In the hostel, there will be guardians, supervisors and aunties. Guardians are the ones that will take care of our school matters, such as enrolment. Supervisors are the ones that will take care of our financial matters, they are in charge of giving us our pocket money. While aunties are the ones that will wake us up for school, wash our clothes, clean our rooms and look after our daily needs. Everyone is very friendly, my guardian, Chee Geok Swan, is very good to me, maybe because she has personally seen me grow up.

In conclusion, this hostel is like my second home. I am very comfortable in the hostel, living with my guardians, supervisors, aunties and friends. I made a lot of friends in the hostel, and most of my closest friends are my hostel mates.

lndra, Indonesia

Student, Degree in Psychology, 2015